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What is Eagles In The City?

Every winter from November to February literally thousands of Bald Eagles arrive to migrate on the West Coast of British Columbia to feast on Salmon on the banks of our rivers and tributaries. The Bald Eagle makes a statement of strength, striking appearance, grace and personifies freedom.

With this in mind the Bald Eagle will now migrate onto the streets of Vancouver, Vancouver Island and beyond to complete the trilogy of public arts projects by the BC Lions Society. The first being the Orca coming out of the Pacific Ocean, then the Spirit Bear coming out of the forests of Northern BC and now the Bald Eagle soaring through the skies of the West Coast from April 2009 to April 2010 in support of the BC Lions Society’s Easter Seal Services.

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Orcas, Bears & Eagles Coffee Table Book

Orcas, Bears & Eagles the City
written by Stephen Miller

This book is available for purchase at  Inside you will find 256 pages full of photos displaying all the Orcas, Spirit Bears & Eagles that adorned the streets of British Columbia along with stories of how the projects came about.


Eagle Flight Path Maps

The Eagle Flight Path Maps
Designed by: DDB Canada
Printed & Supplied by: Teldon Print Media

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